About Us

Our history

SVOI Dance School was founded in 2016. The technique of Vaganova’s Ballet Method is being taught in its traditional way, whilst also adapting to include preparation for the IDTA exams, shows and performances. From 2020 the school will set up online lessons for adults and children. Our online classes offer a wide variety of ballet and dance lessons for all age groups and skill levels. We would like to invite you to our classes and have the opportunity to teach you the art of dance!

Schedule Timings

Autumn Term

07 Sep 2020 - 20 Dec 2020

Winter Term

04 Jan 2021 - 28 Mar 2021

Summer Term

19 Apr 2021 - 18 Jul 2021

Half Term

25 Oct 2020 - 31 Oct 2020

Half Term

14 Feb 2021 - 21 Feb 2021

Half Term

31 May 2021 - 06 Jun 2021


What People say

“The intimate environment of Dance For All means you get so much one-to-one tuition.”

Bilyana Ilieva

“It’s great fun! Everyone is welcome – you won’t feel like the odd one out.”

Sara Jankova


Haven Green Baptist Church, 2 Castlebar Rd, ,London, W5 2DP


+44 7398 171177