are designed to enhance flexibility, stamina, good posture, elegant gain and to improve appearance.  There is no age limit to do ballet and you will be put in the suitable group according to your age. Our classes are completely authenticable and unique.  We mix UK recognizable IDTA syllabus and Russian Vaganova’s Method; this makes our students dance harmoniously, merging with the music. All classes include warm up, center, jumps, turns, compositions and stretches.  Classes contain both exam syllabus exercise, barre and center combinations to enhance ballet technique. Duration of the classes is 60 or 90 min depending on the group. It might seem too intense at first glance, but children get used to it very quickly, making classes more effective


are held two times a year, for Christmas and for the End of Year performance.  It is an important stand-alone part of dance education where children learn how to perform in front of an audience and how to deal with backstage moments that only professional dancers know.  Performances improve confidence like nothing else. The applause, the beautiful costumes, professional hairstyles, and the preparation itself help them feel like real professionals making unforgettable childhood memories. Children also build the most friendships during performances and get to know children from different groups. Performances let parents see what their children could achieve and let children improve by watching older children and compare their own progress from one year to the next.  We use various styles of music to create our choreography. From polka music to modern pop. This is what makes our performances interesting and memorable.


are designed for anyone who desires to learn dancing a bit more. We provide several services: Preparation for grade IDTA ballet exams is for those who need more explanation and for those hoping to get better results; individual classes for those who need to improve their knowledge of choreography; wedding choreography for couples, created specifically for a specific song or type of music; private classes for helping adults understand their bodies or to prepare choreography for special occasions which could be under different music styles. Classes need to be booked in advance. Private classes are available at any time including half terms and holidays. Discount of 10% for a block of three or more classes is offered.  Classes could be held at your home or in our venue.


is for performing aerobics and ballet. It is appropriate for beginners to improve. Classes include basic ballet exercises, floor exercising and stretching and created in a way to make all muscle groups do work. Classes lead to improvements in health and overall fitness. When a person performs rhythmic exercises, their pulse adjusts to the rhythm of the movements therefore strengthening the cardiovascular system, maintaining the tone of the body and improving the supply of oxygen to the body tissue. Fitness dance workouts also have a pronounced fat burning effect. The ultimate goal of our fitness dance ballet classes is to gain health and keep it for years to come. We know that good physical condition is the result of fitness and a healthy body is above all, a beautiful body.