Elena Mitreva

Choreographer, ballet and dance teacher, member of International Dance Teacher Associaton; former lead soloist of ballet troup of Central Military District of Russia Ensemble. Education: The Perm State Art College; the Perm State Art University.

Iskra Sukarova

PhD professor at the department for Dance Pedagogy, The State University Ciryl and Methodius - Skopje, North Macedonia; Choreographer; member of Global Practice Sharing; member of International Theatre Institute in North Macedonia; member of International Interdisciplinary Artistic Consortium and Nomad Dance Academy. Former Artist Director of the ballet ensemble of the Opera and Ballet in Skopje, North Macedonia. Education: MA Dance Studies at the Laban Centre in London, Trinity, UK; National High Conservatories of Music and Dance in Lyon, France; Music Ballet Collage "Ilia Nikolovski - Lui" in Skopje, North Macedonia.

Natalia Skobkareva

Natalia Skobkareva's training aimed at the development of all muscle groups, to create strength endurance and muscle relief. During the training, various types of strength equipment are used such as; weights of different amounts and shock absorbers – this will depend on your level of fitness as to which equipment you will use. Regular exercises can help to reduce your body fat, gain energy, and improve your mood and general condition. Recommended for all fitness levels. Education: The Perm State Medical University; Fitness Instructor

Anna Gavrilova

Ballet Teacher, choreographer, the former lead soloist The National Russian Ballet “Vozrozhdenie” under management of V.I.Anuchin; former ballet artist of Russian Ballet V.M.Gordeev; former ballet artist of “The Golden Ring” under management of N. Kadysheva; the former ballet artist of “The Russian Soul” under management of L. Nikolaeva; the former ballet artist of The State Moscow Academic Music T.I. Sats Education: The Moscow Choreography Academy G. V.Ledyakh, class T.P Y

Olga Petrova

Ballerina and ballet teacher under Vaganova’s Method. Former lead soloist of The National Russian Ballet “Vozrozhdenie” under management of V.I.Anuchin. Education: The Moscow Choreography Academy G. V.Ledyakh, class T.P.Yakovleva